605s.com Shipping Policy

Shipping Destinations

605s.com currently ships to any address world-wide including the United States, APOs, FPOs and PO Boxes.

Shipping Methods

605s.com's goal is to offer you the fastest and lowest-cost shipping method. We use United States Postal Service (USPS). Orders shipped to APO, FPO and PO Boxes are automatically sent via USPS. We do not require a signature for USPS shipments.

Split Shipments

For multiple-item orders, we attempt to ship the whole order to you. This is not always possible due to the items selected, availability of the items, and the time it takes to receive some special order items from a manufacturer. When it is not possible to ship your entire order, we will split the order, and ship when we have stock of the particular item. You will not be charged for this second shipment. At this time, we do not offer the option to hold all items for same time delivery.

Shipment Delivery Time

Your expected delivery date is determined by the date of shipment from our shipping center. Your expected delivery date will be presented to you at the time of your order. Your purchase of in-stock merchandise will be shipped on the day after you order if the shipping center receives the order prior to 2 PM Monday through Friday, not including standard business holidays. Orders received by the shipping center after 2 PM local time will be shipped two days later. Special orders and out-of-stock merchandise may require additional time prior to shipment. If shipment of your order is delayed, 605s.com will notify you by email.

Here’s a quick reference guide for shipping times from when the order leaves our distribution center: * USA and Canada-----------7-10 business days

* Europe and Africa----------Within 20 Business Days

* Asia and the pacific rim-----Within 20-25 business days (usually 15 business days) 


Orders Damaged in Shipping

If you believe a package received from 605s.com was damaged in transit, please email 605s.com Customer Service to inform us of the situation. We will make arrangements to receive the returned damaged order. Each situation is individually judged accordingly.

Shipping Refunds

Your original shipping charge will not be refunded for a product sent to you in error or if you are sent a defective piece of merchandise. This refund will automatically be credited once we receive and inspect the product. If only a portion of your order is returned, the refund for shipping costs will be pro-rated. If you believe you qualify and would like us to pay for return shipping, you must email us before attempting to return the product. COD shipments will not be accepted.

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